Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is at 3pm. Check-out is at 11am.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed throughout the hotel. There are no weight limits or pet fees. You will be held responsible for your pet’s behavior, including any additional cleaning required.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed in the hotel. There is a $250 penalty if you are found to be smoking in the room. There are designated smoking areas outside the hotel as well as at the rooftop bar, which opens at 4p daily.

Cannabis is legal in Washington DC, as per Initiative 71. The legislation allows folks in the district to possess, gift, and consume cannabis in private spaces. Enforcement of the regulation prohibiting consumption outdoors has been, largely, relaxed.

Non-DC residents may purchase cannabis from any licensed dispensary in DC by registering for a temporary patient registration, valid for 30-days, or using their valid patient registration from a U.S. state or territory that has been extended reciprocity. Cannabliss, a Black-owned licensed dispensary, does deliver.

It is still against hotel policy to smoke in your room.


Emergency exits and evacuation plan can be located in your room by the door and throughout the corridors. An announcement will be made through the in-room speakers if an emergency arises.