At Eaton HK, we are ready to welcome you back with joy, as we collectively celebrate the reunion of friends, family, and kindred spirits taking place after months of being apart. We are gradually reopening our full offerings at the hotel and inviting our community back to the music, art, wellness, food & beverage, and impact experiences that make Eaton HK unique.

In the midst of the impact caused by the novel COVID-19, we want to ensure all that we are focused around-the-clock on the health and safety of our guests, residents and team members, without compromising our high standards of quality and service.

Eaton HK is stringent with its hygiene measures. We have successfully obtained the Anti-Epidemic Hygiene Measures Certification by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, to recognize that Eaton HK has implemented over 10 hygiene measures from the scheme, as well as additional measures to provide a safe and clean environment for guests and team members. The protection of our visitors and team is our utmost priority and we take every precaution to ensure their safety.


1. To keep the hotel sterilized, the current public premises have been applied with ZOONO, a long-lasting sterilization product on a regular timely basis. Zoono combines its nano technology to provide the antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-algae protection of a broad-spectrum antimicrobial sanitizer that continuously disinfect for up to 24 hours on skin and 30 days on surface of objects.

2. Comprehensive around-the-clock procedures:

  • Mandatory daily temperature checks for all team members and check-in guests
  • Advice from the Hong Kong Government and the Centre of Health Protection is also available to all Eaton team members
  • We have trained our team in effective hand sanitization and personal hygiene
  • All guests, members and suppliers are required to wear masks without exception in all public area
  • Monitoring of inbound guests’ travel origin and itinerary

3. Provision of additional masks and sanitizers, amongst others.

4. All inbound guests regardless of origin are required to fill a declaration form upon hotel check-in.

5. Cleaning schedule for all fan and ventilation units within the hotel is increased in frequency, with the addition of bacteria-killing powder or 1:50 bleach liquid during the clean phase. Similar measures have been implemented to in-room housekeeping procedures.

6. Additional rounds of quality testing for air-conditioning systems, water systems, swimming pool water to ensure standards comply with local code requirements and company standards.

7. Kitchen team members perform additional round of cleaning of all kitchen utensils with disinfectant agent before each meal hour.

8. Placement of letter in guest rooms, as well as internal employee circular that advises all our guests and colleagues to observe good hygiene practices, and avoid contact with anyone who shows signs of respiratory symptoms.