Health and Safety Measures

Maintaining stringent hygiene measures without compromising service

1. To keep the hotel sterilized, the current public premises have been applied with ZOONO, a long-lasting sterilization product on a regular timely basis. Zoono combines its nano technology to provide the antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-algae protection of a broad-spectrum antimicrobial sanitizer that continuously disinfect for up to 24 hours on skin and 30 days on surface of objects.

2. Comprehensive around-the-clock procedures:

  • Advice from the Hong Kong Government and the Centre of Health Protection is also available to all Eaton team members
  • We have trained our team in effective hand sanitization and personal hygiene
  • All guests, members and suppliers are required to wear masks without exception in all public area
  • Monitoring of inbound guests’ travel origin and itinerary

3. Provision of additional masks and sanitizers, amongst others.

4. Kitchen team members perform additional round of cleaning of all kitchen utensils with disinfectant agent before each meal hour.