Since its inception, Eaton HK has chosen to utilize its highly-visible billboard space for impactful messaging in lieu of traditional advertising. The original Human Progress billboards around the hotel posed meaningful questions to a passing audience to contemplate.

“What if trees were valued more than buildings?”

“What if you were free to love anyone you choose?”

“What if you could look up and see the stars?”

“What if we all shared the same opportunities?”

Questions querying social and environmental status quo were paired with emotive black and white images taken by Xyza Cruz Bacani.

In 2020, Eaton HK worked closely with the National Geographic team to select what would become our Nathan Road billboard, an image of lone tree taken in the Brazilian Amazonian rainforest by Nat Geo explorer and photographer Pablo Albarenga. The powerful image of the lone towering tree in a deforested landscape speaks volumes, not only of the importance of trees but growth, rebirth and hope in the face of challenge. Our work on the billboard with Pablo Albarenga spawned our 2021 Earth Day campaign, Breathe Deep.

Billboard image by Pablo Albarenga

Eaton’s newest billboard (May 2022), in a nod to all that Eaton has done in the past four years, asks “What if a hotel could build a community?", a question that very well may challenge our notions of what a hotel and hospitality are, and can be, as well as one that speaks to our ideas of business, generosity, and community.

Eaton HK's latest billboard, installed May 2022


01 Jun 2019


01 Jun 2019