UNHEARD: soundpocket Dialogue with artists

Over the past six months, artists Jeff Cheng Tsz Fung, Step Ip, Lee Ka-wai, and Wong Chung-yan, supported by soundpocket’s Artist Support Programme 2022–23 (Special Edition), traversed failure together with us by embracing it, revisiting it, reliving it, evaluating it, reflecting upon it, translating it, overcoming it, and bouncing off of it – so that we can gradually make art afresh. Begun in his previous work “To become the landscape”, Jeff developed his ongoing video shooting project “Superposition State” expanding upon discussions of pain, redemption, and the state of being trapped, to try to find possibilities of emotional expression and escape. Step also further developed her “NOTE ONE SERIES #”, creating a video installation as its #0.5 edition and invited another three sound artists for an improvised performance as its #0.6 edition. In her work, Ka-wai constantly rethinks her mother’s childhood dreams of watching the sea. By reviewing collected TV programme footage of the sea watched by her mother back in the day, through video-making Ka-wai reflected on departure and the connections between humans and places from another perspective. Chung-yan explored mysterious wilderness scenes based on her field recordings, and the recent bird-watching experiences led her on several journeys. With recordings of the human voice and other environmental encounters, she explored fictional routes via a newly-created sound installation. In this year’s “UNHEARD sound & music festival” at Eaton HK, these four artists will share their artistic practices, and what they have learned about sound through their “failed projects”. New works will be showcased at Eaton HK during the festival created as their second attempts. Join us on this occasion and let’s share about failure.