UNHEARD: Live by Yun Lee (iii exchange artist)

Proximity Drill I What visual and sonic compositions can arise from a boxing drill? For many, boxing is just a brutal sport where two people try to knock each other out. For others, it is considered a more elegant martial art, sometimes even compared to the game of chess. Although there is a set number of moves and counter moves, the seemingly endless combinations of jabs, hooks, head movement, and footwork work together to form an unexpected dance. This performance explores dodging, one of the many drills that boxers practice to hone their craft. Three electronic pendulum instruments swing back and forth while the performer dodges them. The proximity between the instruments and the performer creates the basis for the choreography and music composition. This will be the first presentation of this work developed during a residency at CMHK with support from iii, Stroom The Hague, and Performance Technology Lab.