UNHEARD: "On the Intangibility of Experience for Extended Voice" Performance by Ken Ueno

Sound artist and UC Berkeley professor, Ken Ueno, creates a unique performance environment, a space installed with speakers on rails (repurposed from his 2021-piece Daedalus Drones), a space in which sounds that move on the rails move in counterpoint to the artist’s own movements, with his vocal sounds further spatialized with the use of his megaphone. Due to the logistical constraints of the unique performance space, the audience will be divided into three small groups, each group allotted a 20-minute slot to experience a performance. After each group has experienced a set, all will convene with the artist for discussion, a kind of communal “Rashomon” litigation of memory to consider questions such as, “Did we experience the same thing?” “What was it that we experienced?”