Nāda Soundbath Sleep-aid Meditation w/ Pengpeng Temple

Led by Pengpeng Temple, this session incorporate corresponding chanting, overtone singing, shruti box, handpan, Tzuns tongue drums, Tar frame drum, ocean wave drum, singing bowls, bells, seeds stick, gong, didgerido, shakuhachi, India bamboo flute, quartzophone, to create soundscape for cleansing negative energy, adjusting Chakra, and healing emotional wounds, allowing us to enter deep meditation for Savasana to clear our thoughts and start anew. Our community oriented Sound Baths focus on self-care, we believe that healing the world starts with healing yourself.

This session is suitable for anyone looking to get in tune with the body, enjoy peace of mind, and connect with the heart. No prior experience is needed. Just wear comfortable clothing!

This class is ticketed. All proceeds will go towards One Book Half Gender Space. A Hong Kong community-based space offering emotional support to LGBTQA+ community and engaging the general public in gender-related discourse.


Learn more about One Book Half Gender Space here.