PRIDE: Family Portrait Exhibition

Queer and disabled individuals often find themselves born into families where they are the only ones with their particular identity or condition. These differences can lead to a divergence in self-understanding and worldview, creating emotional distance between them and their parents and siblings.

The "Family Portrait" exhibition seeks to illuminate the experiences and challenges faced by queer and disabled families in Hong Kong, the United States, and France, within the context of their biological families. The artworks in this exhibition will focus on the personal stories and family histories of queer and disabled individuals, expressed through paintings, photographs, and videos. These works serve as vital documentation of the most vulnerable memories and profound emotions that accompany the lives of queer and disabled individuals, capturing the depths and specifities of joy and pain within these marginalized families.

The exhibition will feature the works of lesbian cinema pioneer, Barbara Hammer, as well as Black queer artist Jacolby Satterwhite (who recently received a commission from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to showcase multimedia work in The Great Hall). Additionally, up-and-coming Hong Kong filmmaker Natalie Chao, performance artist Holok Chen, and painter Rico Lau will contribute their unique perspectives to the exhibition.