PRIDE: Void Punk Almanac Workshop - Huh~ Voidpunk?

Voidpunk is a punk subculture that is centred around the idea of reclaiming dehumanization or demonization faced as a marginalized minority, whether directly or indirectly. Its focus on embracing what society says isn't human enough which leads Voidpunks to reject « humanity » under the exclusive and narrow-minded definition. This of course, led Voidpunk to be inherently inclusive of everyone there who is acting in good faith, so it is the opposite of humanity in that way.

VPA - mm24 - 1 project confidently offers a stimulating and engaging workshop for individuals who seek to explore and express their Void punk identities. Through self-identity exploration and avatar development, makeup and dress-up, and other creative exercises, participants will deepen their self-awareness and reveal alternative aspects of their identities and stories. This inclusive environment values individuals of any age, gender, or background and welcomes everyone to participate

In the first workshop, Holok shares what Voidpunk actually is, and through thinking exercise leads participatns to summon and re-construct their "voidsona".