PRIDE: Pride Conference of The LGBT+ Rights in Partnership

Gay Harmony is going to hold a conference, to share the latest news for LGBT+ couples. Speakers will share their knowledge and insights on different topics, including legal issues, public policies, religions and more.

From ancient time to now, same sex relationship and family have been existing, regardless of society recognitions. However, the needs of same sex partners were ignored, unprotected in legal ways. Questions and concerns of rights have been raised, but seldom, being addressed.

Presentation Topics and Guest Speakers:

- Minority Stress and Resilience of LGBTQ+ Couples, Reflection from Couple Counseling Session (Dr. Diana Kwok)

- The Support Work Situation of LGBT+ Couples (PrideLine)

- LGBT+ Partner in Christian (BMCC)

- Corporate Policy to Protect LGBT+ and Partner (HSBC)

- Legal Tools for LGBT+ Life-long Autonomy (Alongside)

- The Considerations between Same Sex Marriage and Civil Partnership (Next Chapter LGBT)

- LGBT+ Rights in Partnership by Overseas and the Suggestions in Hong Kong (Gay Harmony)