PRIDE: Drag Scenes Tour Party

As part of their journey to promote queer subculture throughout China, Queerest's Drag Scenes Tour will be concluding at Eaton HK. This party showcases the most audacious voices from Shanghai's queer underground scene, offering a night of extraordinary drag art. Featuring Yihao, Gypsy, Maggie—three emerging stars in the Shanghai drag scene—the performances will embrace their unapologetically queer selves, weaving together extravagant visuals and captivating movements to create an immersive experience that transports the audience to a drag paradise. The music line-up for the party includes Teya Logois, the transgender DJ rising from the music scene in Manila and Dai Nasty from Queerest bringning the groovy EDM and warm house music, more line-up to be announced.