PRIDE: "Bad Romance - Affective Body with its Misapprehension and Rumours" Screening

"Bad Romance: Affective Body with its Misapprehension and Rumours" explores the complexities of constructing sensibility in the context of modern societies. It navigates how love becomes standardized and influenced by societal expectations, particularly in moral and progressive contexts. The exhibition examines the idea of "ideal love" and its impact on perceptions of the body, gender, and desire, known as the "affective body." Artists creatively reinterpret these themes, offering alternative narratives.

The screening features works by seven international artists using various visual and mixed media to address modern sensibility issues. It aims to uncover authentic desires beyond modern structures, promoting discourse on "modern love" and "decolonizing love" while challenging gender stereotypes. These works explore the performative nature of the body, envisioning diverse narratives of gender and love and imagining alternative futures. They highlight overlooked bodily postures, revealing the complexity of sentiments, desires, relationships, and identities within modern society. Through these works, viewers will witness resistance against societal norms, affirming marginalized relationship forms.