Lousy's Peep Show Exhibition

12 - 26 Mar 2023
15:00 - 20:00
(30 mins per viewing session, each session admits 1 person only)

Free Entry, RSVP only

Eaton HK's fifth floor Artist Studio (Room 526) transforms into an immersive exhibition by local artist, Lousy. From the bed to the shower, Lousy will immerse every detail of the room with his new series of work which marks a breakthrough for Lousy‘s worldbuilding venture, introducing more chaos & viscerality into his working process. The works investigate the ideas of balance, perseverance and change. The viewers will be able to interact with the vividly painted amenities, including bath robe, towels, plushies and rug during their visit.  

Hong Kong native Lousy draws on all surfaces across all spaces, taking cues from the proactive and spontaneous energy of the streets. Stripping down his visual language to simplified, gestural, rhythmic lines with a bright palette, Lousy desires to liberate, project positivity, and celebrate life through his art practices. His works have been showcased in different art galleries and cultural institutions in Hong Kong and overseas, including Art Central, Para Site, HZ Gallery, etc