'The Believers: Supernatural, Myths and Beyond' Exhibition

The exhibition aims to delve into the enigmatic theme of belief, rituals, and the science behind the supernatural, exploring how these elements shape our perceived reality. By challenging traditional notions and questioning established narratives, "The Believers" invites visitors to embark on a thought-provoking journey through various artistic expressions. 

The exhibition lineup features a diverse group of talented artists: Tiffany Chan, Yin-Ju Chen, David Clarke, Ho Sin Tung, South Ho Siu Nam, Fion Hung Ching-Yan, Tiger Ji, Ariel Lau, Lola Law, Hou Lam Tsui, Angela Wong and Yau Kwok Keung and Sherman Yeung. Their works offer intriguing perspectives and thought-provoking interpretations of the supernatural. Each artist brings a unique approach to understanding the supernatural. Through their art, the audience is invited to reconsider our understanding of the supernatural, opening doors to new realms of thought and exploration.

'The Believers: Supernatural, Myths and Beyond' is curated by the class of CUMT3005 Curatorial Planning and Practice, BA Programme in Cultural Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and co-presented by Eaton HK.