Consciousness Festival | "Universe in a Tip" Public Talk

HASS Lab has encountered a number of artists with different abilities in Hong Kong, whose unique ways of seeing and creating widen our understanding of art making, as well as individuals of different abilities. Their creations never fail to surprise, and we propose a new way of appreciating their strength and creativity in this exhibition. We showcase selected works of three artists with different abilities, TANG Kai-yeung (also known as HUNG Yeung, SAHK), TANG Chi-wai (TWGHs, Mok Law Sui Wah Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Centre), and YUNG Cheuk-kwok (TWGHs, i-dArt). To highlight the unique qualities and characteristics of the artists and their work, each original artwork will be paired with panels highlighting magnified details, and accompanied by commentary from established local artists.

Talk will be conducted in Cantonese.