Consciousness Festival | Unlock Labels in Fault Zone: Mental Mapping Talk & Workshop

Fault zone in our mind is always hidden if the rigors of life is being locked in our memories. Labels are attached to us throughout our lives. When we were born, the name given by our parents is the first label that accompanies our lives and subtly and unconsciously condition our selfimage and behaviours. Labels like ‘mental illness’, ‘disadvantaged group’, ‘sexual minority’ are commonly used in our daily conversations, but what do these mean? How do they impact us? How does one know if they are ‘mentally incapacitated’ or “mental disordered” ?

This programme will shed light on the designation, the socio-legal studies on ‘legal capacity’, ‘Community Treatment Order’ and ‘compulsory admission’, from the perspective of the Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD) raising discussion through case studies, law reform studies in artistic and creative expressions, including performative reading the articles of mental health laws, mental mapping with daily objects.


This workshop is conducted in Cantonese.