Meditation & Music Medicine Soundbath

Multi-instrumental soundbath and guided meditation journey by the phenomenal Artis Moon of Boundless Life, Thursdays at Eaton Wellness.

Artis Moon will guide you through a soundbath experience of Deep Restoration & Transformation. Explore sensory perception, intention, personal inquiry, and your inner landscape, supported by meditation, mindfulness, and sound healing. Experience the soul-soothing vibrations of an intuitively improvised soundscape that may include wooden flute, drums, metallophone, singing bowls, and chimes, clearing the energy field and gently guiding you on a journey home to your Self. Lay down, allow yourself some time to relax, BE, soak in the good vibes, and release anything that's not serving you in your life.


About Artis

As a DC native, over the past 25 years, I have lived a deeply fulfilling life as a independent interdisciplinary artist and educator, teaching and performing tap dance & percussion in the U.S. and abroad, producing, directing, & choreographing numerous residencies and performances; teaching visual & language arts, along with my unique Museum As Classroom series; and working as a photographer, writer, & editor, both for news organizations and the community at large. Throughout most of my adult life, I have also worked with a range of mindfulness & meditation disciplines and contemplative practices, and I am thrilled to be living my dream in sharing healing & the arts with the world.