Meditation & Music Medicine Soundbath

Multi-instrumental soundbath and guided meditation journey by the phenomenal Artis Moon of Boundless Life, Thursdays at Eaton Wellness.


Experience the soul-soothing vibrations of an intuitively improvised soundscape with Artis Moon, using live instrumentation & sound healing tools to clear the energy field and gently guide you on a journey home to your Self. Lay down, allow yourself some time to relax, BE, soak in the good vibes. Release anything that's not serving you in your life & plant seeds of transformation in the fertile field of your consciousness.

Beginning 2/25, doors will open at 6:30pm and the meditation will begin promptly at 6:45pm. You are guided to recline in savasana, slow everything down, and surrender to the moment. When the journey is over, we close with brief integration time in seated meditation. Then participants are invited to share their experiences and ask any questions they may have. Sharing is optional, but this time also lets you fully ground back into your body and process your experience before you walk out the door.

About Artis

Artis Moon Amarché, Founder of The Boundless Life (& a DC native), seamlessly integrates her roles as interdisciplinary artist, healing guide, musician, dancer, yogi, and mama. Her unique, eclectic approach to the art of self-expression and self-healing embodies the overarching themes of Restoration & Transformation, and her process in everything she does is influenced by her roots in jazz, improvisation, and contemplative practices. Artis is dedicated to supporting a diverse audience, providing an engaged model of loving care which includes strategies and practical tools for empowering clients on their healing journeys, so they can achieve and maintain wellness on all levels of being. Artis Moon's holistic, trauma-informed offerings include Meditation, Mindfulness, Reiki and Reiki Immersion Trainings, Sound Healing / Soundbaths, Moon Circles, Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress Management, Expressive Arts, Somatic Psychology, Mind-Body Skills, and more.