The Power of Pen and Pose: Motherless Mother’s Day

A yoga and writing workshop for those grieving loss in any form on Mother's Day.


Mother's Day can be challenging for those with wounds surrounding motherhood. Mother wounds can show up in many ways, from difficulty in forming relationships to low self-esteem. Mother's Day can also just be tough for those without mothers or who themselves have lost children.


This workshop is a space for those navigating grief in all its intricate forms on this day.


Through gentle, restorative movement, attendees will find solace in the shared experiences of others dealing with similar wounds, helping them to unpack their grief in a supportive environment.


After movement and meditation, there will be a guided journaling session where attendees will explore what emotions and inner wisdom comes up, with the option to share in a broader group reflection or continue with their internal processing.


To protect our community experiencing long covid and/or immunocompromised, we are requiring masks at this indoor event.


Mats, blocks, and masks will be provided as well.


About Biola:

Biola Jeje (She/Her) has practiced yoga for 15 years and is an RYT-500 level yoga instructor who studied Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Yin Yoga. She lost her mother in 2017 and her desire to share her yoga practice was born out of an understanding of her own grief and wanting to create a space for collective healing.


Biola has led yoga and breathwork in studios and retreats across the United States, Mexico, and Panama. Biola is also an experienced communications consultant who has managed campaigns, media communications, and partnerships for political candidates, movements, and organizations.


You can learn more about her at,, and on Instagram at @biolajeje.