Tarot Theory 101: Foundations

Dive into the enlightening world of tarot with this introductory workshop.


This engaging session is designed to provide beginners with a solid understanding of the basics of tarot, including symbolism, interpretation, and practical application. Discover the timeless wisdom of the cards and unlock their profound insights for personal growth and self-discovery.

Learning Objectives:

- Explore the history and significance of tarot as a divination tool

- Learn the meanings of the major and minor arcana cards and how to interpret them

- Practice basic tarot spreads and techniques for personal readings


- A foundational understanding of tarot symbolism and interpretation

- Confidence in conducting basic tarot readings for yourself and others

- Resources for further exploration and study of tarot practice

This workshop is specifically tailored for beginners with little to no experience in tarot. Whether you're a curious novice or someone eager to deepen your spiritual practice, "Tarot Theory 101: Foundations" offers a welcoming space to embark on your tarot journey. Join us and unlock the secrets of the cards as you begin your exploration of tarot's transformative power and wisdom.

About the Facilitator:

Nico “NNIL” Pires is a dedicated artist, strategist and educator with over 14 years of experience in teaching, tarot, astrological analysis and creative direction. Nico supports artists, entrepreneurs and organizations by empowering community expansion through coaching, curiosity and exploration. Their passion for creative empowerment is centered in acknowledging the freeing truth: we don’t “create” anything, and are merely channels for the divine’s imagination.Do less, make more!Connect with NNIL on Instagram: @neeknilbio.site/NNIL