Sound healer and NFL legend Brandon "Soul" Cole guides us through a sound bath experience of deep restoration & transformation



Experience the soul-soothing vibrations of an intuitively improvised soundscape that may include drums, singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes or other instruments that will clear your energy field and gently guiding you on a journey home to your Self. Lay down, allow yourself some time to relax, BE, soak in the good vibes, and release anything that's not serving you in your life.

Dress cozy and comfortably. It is not required but suggested to bring an eye mask and or a blanket to enhance your relaxation experience. It is also important to make sure you hydrate with alkaline water before and after the session; feel free to bring a water bottle with you to refill once you arrive. Please also bring a notebook and pen with you to the session as everyone will have time to reflect on journal prompts.

"I look forward to holding a safe container for you and guiding you on a sonic sound healing journey by raising your vibrations and attuning your nervous system to the frequency of love from my highest self above." – Soul Cole


About Soul Cole

Soul Cole is a wellness consultant , chief storyteller, certified breath coach, healing artist, sound practitioner and an NFL legend. He facilitates experiences for individuals to rediscover their true selves and invite harmony into their mind, body, and soul.

Soul started meditating during my rehab process after playing in the NFL. "Life as a pro athlete came with a level of mental and emotional trauma I wasn’t prepared for. Practicing mindfulness became an outlet for my healing. And I believe it can be a powerful tool in your life, too."