Sound & Breath Ceremony: A Shamanic Journey

Join us for a transformative journey into deep relaxation and inner peace through the power of breathwork and sacred sound.


Discover the mechanics of breath and its profound impact on the body and mind. Experience collective meditation as we explore techniques to move stagnant energy and achieve deep meditative states.


**Key Benefits:**

- Release tension and promote healing on a cellular level.

- Enter deep states of consciousness through guided breathwork and sound therapy.

- Reduce stress hormones and boost oxygen levels for enhanced well-being.

- Cleanse body and energy with smudging rituals and somatic movements.

- Enjoy a live shamanic sound experience to induce theta and delta brain waves.


**What to Expect:**

- Introduction and opening circle

- Smudging ceremony for energetic cleansing

- 60 minutes of sacred sounds from around the world

- 20 minutes of guided breathwork and visualization

- Live shamanic sound journey

- Deep relaxation and inner peace

- Pranayama techniques for breath control

- Detoxification and stimulation of the lymphatic system

- Tools for achieving inner peace and a visual journey


**What to Bring:**

- Water bottle

- Yoga mat

- Eye cover

- Blanket

- Journal for reflection

- Tissues or an old rag for clearing nasal passages

- Pillows for comfort during the session



If you have breathing difficulties, heart issues, or epilepsy, please consult your doctor before attending this workshop.

About Hamilton:

Hamilton Garces is a combat Marine Veteran, Yogi, Breathwork & sound practitioner guiding and holding space. First generation born & raised in New Jersey, his Family came here from Colombia, South America. Hamilton discovered the healing benefits of yoga for the body & mind after leaving the Military. Sound & breath are medicine for the soul that is something Hamilton helps to create an atmosphere that allows one to rest and relax. Mindful movement is key as we link it with the breathwork. Since 2017 Hamilton has found his passion to share with the world the other power of Sound, breath & yoga

Hamilton guides you via sound and breath tapping into other altered states of consciousness. Here we become the healer and one in control. To witness yourself and know yourself. Mindful movements and breathing exercises can be expected as we help release tension in the body and recharge our cells. Yoga is a union and with gentle support and guidance with movement we will get to receive a sound journey experience inspired by the jungle & scared earth medicines.

Hamilton owes a lot of his inspiration for music & nature thanks to the people of the Shipibo Conibo community of Peru. Since connecting with the family back in 2018, Hamilton continues a relationship between helping bring trades goods like hand made beaded jewelry by the Women of the family. Unique one of a kind hand embroidered tapestry with scared icaros (prayers) these song lines hold energy. Be sure to ask more about Pacha Nova Arts.