Somatic Stretch and Soundbath

Join Bri Alexander for a session of somatic stretching followed by a relaxing soundbath to help you relieve some stress.


Experience a rejuvenating stretch with beautiful meditative sounds. Together we allow the body to release muscular tension as it flows through a series of low-impact movements and controlled breathing. This gentle combination helps to release stuck energy and emotions from the mind and body.

Sound healing is a wonderful natural alternative to support you if you are experiencing symptoms such as stress, tension, anxiety, depression, mood swings, trouble sleeping, or maybe high blood pressure.

These modalities help your nervous system reset so that you feel more relaxed and aligned, guiding your mind, body, and spirit to a level of deep relaxation and bliss. The session offers peaceful meditation while allowing you to reconnect with yourself, and release energetic blockages.

Sound bath instruments will include crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, Tingsha bells, chimes, drums, voice, and more.

Yoga mats, props, blankets, and cushions, are ALL provided. Please bring water to hydrate and a journal if you would like to write down a few thoughts. Feel free to bring eye covers and extra props for additional cushioning, warmth, and support. We encourage you to dress in comfortable layers suitable for movement and rest.

Please arrive on time to fully enjoy the experience and as a courtesy to other attendees.




About Bri Alexander

A holistic wellness coach on a mission to empower the community through energy work, sound, and movement. My goal is to offer holistic alternatives to help manage your everyday stress. I am also a language aficionado, obsessed with travel, live music, and vanilla chai.