Single-ish: Conversations on Relationship Management

Situationships are on the rise! Why is hook-up culture thriving in our cities? Why is it so awkward to define your relationship status once someone starts catching feelings? How can we make dating a more satisfying practice for everyone involved?

This interactive workshop will bring licensed couples’ therapists to guide our guests through a reflective and intimate conversation on relationships, attachments, and desires. Topics for this open forum discussion will include:

  • Common causes of commitment phobia and relationship resistance
  • How to minimize dating drama and emotional entanglements in romantic and platonic relationships
  • Frameworks for defining our desires for different kinds of human connection
  • How to identify and communicate healthy boundaries to others respectfully
  • Self-satisfaction and success strategies for discerning singles

Singles, couples, polycules, and all genders are welcome. Refreshments will be available for purchase. Adults only (21+) Doors open at 6pm.

Graphic design credit: @jasonfromthewave