Rejuvenation Session: Nervous System Reset

Join Dani as she supports you in tending to your somatic and nervous system wellness.


The Rejuvenation Sessions are a space to come and take care of your somatic and nervous system wellness. This guided group experiences explores a variety of somatic practices that help you cleanse, balance, and rejuvenate yourself.

This workshop offers a space for individuals to practice a deeper level of self-care; using techniques rooted in the fields of somatics, nervous system science, energy medicine, and mind-body connection.

At the heart of this experience is the opportunity to hold space for yourself, to rejuvenate your nervous system.


What you will experience:

  • Self Observation: Observe your own soma and get insight into the current quality of your own nervous system and what it may need.
  • Daily Routine and Tools for Somatic Wellness:
  • somatic practices
  • mindfulness practices
  • energy-based exercises
  • gentle movement
  • breath medicine

In a world where overstimulation is a common experience and the pace seems to quicken by the day, finding moments to slow down and care for ourselves is an act of self preservation. Making sure we are staying connected to our personal needs, requires being connected to our soma; our mind-body connection.

By stepping away from the stimulation of the external world and delving into the wisdom of our bodies, participants start to rebuild their relationship with their soma and gain a tool box of supportive practices that allow them to navigate the world with more capacity and embodiment.


Key Take-Aways:

  • Strengthen the mind-body connection for a deeper level of self awareness.
  • Understand how anxiety and stress show up in your body.
  • Somatic tools to navigate daily stressors.
  • Practice “slowing down” and reclaiming our personal pace.
  • Learn to listen to the body and understand its unique language
  • Begin to access a deeper connection with Embodiment.
  • Contribute to creating a new culture of nervous system preservation.


Whether you are navigating stress, overwhelm, or simply seeking a space to unwind and realign, The Rejuvenation Session offers a unique approach to self-care that honors the nervous system and a new paradigm of wellness.


About Danielle:

Danielle is the founder of Embodied Soma and is a board-licensed massage therapist and certified somatic practitioner. Her passion is providing integrative resources and education that help cultivate self development and somatic wellness.

The goal of her work is to bring awareness to the importance of emotional intelligence, nervous system wellness, and mind-body connection for individual and collective/cultural healing.