Pleasure Portal: Spring Equinox - Blossom Into Your Fullest Self

Realign with your desires, honor your blooming & growth process, and allow yourself to receive the abundant blessings of Spring.


The “Pleasure Portal” is a seasonal space/container for women-identifying and non-binary people to nurture and explore their relationship to pleasure and what ignites them through meditative grounding practices, ceremony with plant-medicine, guided discussion, and embodied dance.


This event is for women-identifying & non-binary people.


As the Earth begins to awaken from her slumber and nature bursts forth with new life, we are, and reflect nature. We have the opportunity to step into our own rebirth–to bloom and flourish. Pleasure Portal: Spring Equinox - Blossoming Into Abundance, is a celebration of this transition centered around realigning with what we want, honoring our blooming & growth process, and attracting more pleasure and abundance in our lives.


This portal is a celebration of the season's energy of renewal and growth. We'll delve into the pleasure associated with blooming, allowing ourselves to receive our 'flowers' as we navigate this journey of expansion. The Earth altar we build will serve as a focal point for our intentions, a visual representation of our desires taking root and blossoming into reality. Crystal gridding within the altar will amplify our intentions, creating a powerful beacon for attracting abundance and joy into our lives.


Join us for an afternoon of connection, exploration, and celebration as we expand into the energies of Spring. Let's honor the season of renewal, embrace our desires, and collectively manifest our dreams into reality.


What We’ll Engage In:


  • Building an Earth Altar: Join us in creating a sacred Earth Altar adorned with flowers and crystals. Through crystal gridding and pouring in our intentions for the new season, we honor the Earth's gifts and invite more abundance into our lives. This practice will deepen our connection to the natural rhythms of Spring and the abundance she offers.
  • Plant Medicine Ceremony: We’ll engage in a tea ceremony with a blend of flowers and flower essences from Neteru Apothecary, carefully chosen to embody the vibrant energy of Spring accompanied by a sound bath meditation. 
  • Guided Discussion: Explore ideas and insights as a group, diving into discussions about how we can expand further into the energies of the season, learn from the frequency of flowers, and embrace our own blooming process. Together, we'll plant the seeds of intention for a season filled with growth and fulfillment.
  • Embodied Dance: Freeform dancing and guided movement to embody the lessons learned from our inner selves and move stagnant energy, creating space to fully receive and incorporate the highest levels of pleasure, celebrating our journey of blossoming into our fullest selves.

Please bring a journal if you feel called to take notes during the discussion.

Disclaimer: In this space we examine “pleasure” from a holistic lens that includes the physical, energetic/spiritual, intellectual/structural/political, and psychological aspects of pleasure, which each have their own set of sensations and blockages/barriers. We welcome you to bring the perspectives and questions that are authentic to your understanding and experience of pleasure.

About The Facilitators


About Melan: Melan is a multi-dimensional artist based in the DMV who fuses self-awareness, holistic wellness, and sound-healing into offerings that inspire individual and collective healing.

Through her music, writing, space curation/facilitation etc., she's committed to honoring nature, uplifting communal wellbeing, and sharing her authentic soul expression. You can learn more about her work at

About Tatiana:

Tatiana is a Medicine Woman and High Priestess, a communer with the nature spirits. Initiated by the Earth to provide collective healing, she’s an ecologist, herbalist, energy worker, wildcrafter, and spiritual guide, among many other things. Tatiana believes in sharing her knowledge and the wisdom of the forest to bring us all back into the remembrance of our personal power to enact change in our lives, our communities, and beyond— that a deep sense of joy and self-love is not only our birthright but our responsibility for the collective healing of our communities and the planet. She is the founder of Ministry of Neteru Apothecary and Ministry of Neteru.