PIX (workshop) 002

Photo zine workshop - an immersive, hands-on experience for photography and DIY enthusiasts


Join us at Eaton House, 1203 K Street NW, DC, for PIX (workshop) 002 —an immersive, hands-on experience for photography and DIY enthusiasts. Hosted by 2024 Eaton House Resident Pete Voelker, this workshop is designed for all skill levels, offering insights to curate, print, and bind your own photo zine.As part of an ongoing PIX Series at Eaton House, this workshop is designed for participants to engage with fellow enthusiasts, share perspectives, and forge meaningful connections. PIX (workshop) 002 is an opportunity to be a part of and build a thriving community of photographers.

What to expect:

  • A brief introduction to PIX
  • Breakout groups editing session
  • Zine editing demonstration
  • Hands on zine binding, trimming, embossing


SCHEDULE:6:50 PMDOORS OPENArrive early to meet other attendees and the host.7:15 PMWHAT IS PIX? (SUBMIT TO PIX)A brief introduction to PIX. Each attendee will submit a photograph to PIX for the creation of our own workshop portfolio. Look at the photograph. Be critical of the photograph. Submit your own photograph in response.7:30 PMPRINT SUBMISSIONSAll submissions to the workshop prompt will be printed for dissemination.7:45 PMBREAKOUT GROUPSWorkshop attendees will break into groups. After a moment to meet each other, each group will work together to sequence a number of photographs assigned to them. They will be asked to consider the shape, subject matter, and composition of each image and how they are displayed together.8:00 PMGROUPS SUBMIT THEIR EDITEach group will submit their edit for the creation of the larger portfolio.8:05 PMPORTFOLIO IS DESIGNEDUsing Adobe Indesign the host will stitch together each group's edit into a PIX portfolio, the process will be projected and the workshop attendees are invited to ask questions, review PIX portfolios, and converse with their workshop mates.8:25 PMPORTFOLIO IS PRINTEDPortfolios are printed and collated for binding.8:35 PMATTENDEES BIND, TRIM, AND EMBOSS THEIR OWN ZINE.Each workshop attendee will individually fold, bind, trim, and emboss a zine (to keep).



What supplies do I need?

Your photography on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Is Eaton House part of Eaton DC, the hotel?

Yes, please enter at 1203 K Street, Washington DC


Do I have to be a photographer to attend?

Absolutely not, if you have curiosity or interest about photography or DIY zine making, join us!


Do I get to keep the zine I make?

Yes! You will get a copy and we will save one for our archive.


What is PIX?

Pix is a call-and-response project. It is an opportunity to respond directly to another photographer. Selected submissions are sequenced together to create a visual dialogue. Each portfolio highlights 30 photographers. Anyone can submit and all are welcome. www.spotzstudios.com


What is Spotz Studios?

Spotz studios is a creative studio specializing in photography and publishing. Since 2019, Spotz has listed 33 calls for entry and published over 400 photographers, representing 25 different countries.