Journal Journeys: Adventuring Through Our Paths with Paper, Pen, & Practice

Join Ryan for a space to explore our unique individual evolution.


Journey Journeys is a communal exploration of our unique individual Evolution. Here, we dive into the nuances of our personal patterns, rhythms, and cycles and are invited to flip our mindsets into viewing them as “Adventures.” We gather together in person to co-create a container for us to approach our Adventures fully and authentically. The Intention is to deepen our relationship with ourselves, the world, the cosmos, and Spirit via the use of therapeutic & spiritually grounding practices of Journaling, Storytelling, Spaceholding, and Meditation.

This offering is heavily influenced by the ancestral wisdom of Evolutionary Astrology and the ancient technological system of Yogic philosophy where the energies of the Zodiac and themes of the Astrological Houses are used to motivate and guide our Journeys and Yoga is used to prepare our bodies to ground into our Practices and our minds to connect us with Higher Consciousness.

During each meet-up, we will be invited to take our first steps with an intention-setting ritual followed by a group discussion of the Energies associated with each Zodiac Season and the themes governing the Houses they’re aligned with. Next, a guided and restorative meditation will be provided to assist in the harnessing and embodiment of celestial wisdom to best inform our journaling before then taking part in a silent and ambient journaling session. Optional prompts are provided during each meet-up to assist in deepening the Practice, and collective spaceholding is provided for optional share-outs after our journaling session. Svasana (the final resting pose in a traditional Yoga class) with optional Reiki sampling and an intentional close out will close our time together. Finally, all will be left with a glimpse into the itinerary for our next Adventure the following month.

The first Journal Journey meet-up will take place as we transition into Gemini Season, highlighting themes associated with the collective Third House, therefore all who participate will be invited to begin our Journeying by taking stock of the current state of our thought patterns, mindset, consciousness, & communication as well as siblings & extended family. The opportunity will also be provided to reflect back on themes associated with both Aries Season/First House Themes and Taurus Season/Second House Themes to ensure all areas of our existence are brought into awareness along our Journey.

Journal Journeys centers BIPOC community and persons of color who also identify as LGBTQ with the intention that all participants are provided a container where they feel S.A.F.E. (seen, accounted for, felt, embraced) and B.R.A.V.E. (bold, radical, authentic, value-centered, empathetic) enough to show up fully. Whether this is your first time opening a journal or you have a consistent journaling ritual; you’re only familiar with your sun sign or you read charts; or you’ve never step foot on a Yoga mat or you’ve fully embodied the Eight Limbs of Yoga, you’re welcomed in this space as the intention is for us to allow our curiosities to be nurtured as well as to collect wisdom from each other’s experiences—the only requirement is all agree to allow ourselves and each other to witness our individual and unique evolution along our way!


About Ryan:

Ryan is a lifelong student of humanness first, a healing artist second. She provides Energetic Wellness services and holds sacred-space offerings in effort to bring Ancestral Wisdom teachings closer to our daily lived experiences and to encourage our collective remembrance of Ancient Technologies and Spiritual Systems. Ryan seeks to amplify our individual voices and experiences through the spaces she holds as most of her offerings are discussion- based workshopping sessions/circles intended to provide a container for individuals to feel safe and affirmed as they release and restore through the art of storytelling and active listening. Ryan’s work centers BIPOC and LGTBQIA+ communities as well as service workers who provide outreach to marginalized populations in her effort to address generational trauma, but her larger goal is to dismantle the illusion of separation. Her vision is to advocate for collective radical transformation by assisting individuals in navigating the complex layers of their humanness as they reclaim awareness of experiencing life through the senses, move through their unique self-actualization processes, learn ways to access their authentic power, and integrate the use of their power in daily living habits. Ryan is passionate about utilizing modalities such as spiritual philosophies, meditation, Reiki, Astrology, breathwork, trauma-sensitive body awareness/restorative Yoga, alignment-based gentle Yoga, and Chakra balancing in her efforts to serve.