Igniting Conversations: Fireside Chats for Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health at Work: Exploring the ways work and career intersect with our emotional well-being


Join us this May for a transformative series of Fireside Chats as we delve into crucial discussions surrounding mental health in the workplace. In an era where stressors abound, these conversations are more pertinent than ever. And yet work and wellness are rarely discussed in meaningful ways. This Mental Health Awareness Month we aim to normalize this discussion through poignant and personal stories of local professionals.


Led by Esther Boykin, LMFT, each chat promises enlightening insights, practical tips, and meaningful discussions. Don't miss this opportunity to prioritize your mental health journey amidst the challenges of the modern workplace. Join us for Fireside Chats that ignite understanding, empathy, and resilience.


Each session will be held in Eaton House 1F from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

6:30pm-7:15pm - Reception/Cocktail Hour (Cash Bar)

7:30pm-8:00pm - Fireside Chat


Wednesday, May 1: Breaking Barriers: Navigating Mental Health at Work

Discover how race, culture, and gender intersect with mental health in the workplace. In this personal fireside chat we will begin to unravel the systemic forces and societal inequities and workplace dynamics that impact and undermine mental health. Gain insights into how to recognize when your mental health is being negatively impacted at work and listen to the insights of other professionals who have learned to navigate their episodic and chronic conditions while searching for success and satisfaction in their careers. 

Monday, May 6: Industry Night: Mental Health in Hospitality

Explore the unique challenges faced by those in the hospitality industry, from hotels to restaurants and bars. Delve into how the pressures of customer service, irregular schedules, and high-stress environments, and changing economic factors lead to increased rates of depression and anxiety. Hear from seasoned professionals about their journey and learn practical strategies for self-care and resilience in a field where mental well-being is often overlooked and dismissed in favor of what the customer demands. 


Monday, May 13: Creative Minds: Mental Health in the Arts

Dive into the professional world of creative arts with a focus on mental health. From musicians to writers and visual artists, uncover the complexities of findig balance between your passion, your paycheck, and your mental well-being. Explore how vulnerability and self-expression intersect with mental health challenges, and discover tools for nurturing creativity while prioritizing self-care in an often uncertain career landscape. Join us for an intimate conversation with professionals who are working to create pathways to self-compassion and holistic well-being while creating sustainable careers in the arts.


Monday, May 20: From Vision to Reality: Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Embark on a journey into the unique stressors and concerns faced by entrepreneurs and startup founders. In a world where you are always expected to put on an optimistic face, it is challenging to successfully navigate the emotional toll of building and maintaining a business, from financial uncertainty to the fear of failure. Facing one of the highest rates of mental health disorders, entrepreners are in need of more honest conversation.  Join our panel to gain valuable insights and practical strategies while hearing authentic stories about the impact of pursuing entrepreneurial dreams on mental health.


About the moderator:

Esther Boykin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, keynote speaker, author of Beyond Self Care, CEO of Group Therapy Associates, founder of the Compassion Collective, and current President of NAMI DC.  With more than two decades of expertise in systemic and relationally based therapy and a deep dedication to inclusivity, innovation, and culturally relevant mental health, Esther guides organizations, celebrities, fellow therapists, and everyday individuals toward a more compassionate and connected existence.

Learn more about her work at www.estherboykin.com and get in touch with her private practice at www.grouptherapyassociates.com.  She can also be found on Instagram and Linkedin @estherbmft.