G Marks The Spot: Exploring G-Spot Play and Squirting

Eaton Wellness Institute's Sexual Wellness Series lecture and Q&A for adults, exploring the body's pleasure centers with Lotus Blooms

Wondering about the fabled g-spot orgasm and if squirting is real or if it's only something you will see on the internet? Or maybe you're just looking to increase how much pleasure you or a partner experiences during penetrative play. We know that the g-spot isn't as big of a mystery as it once was – but there's still questions! Fortunately, Lotus Blooms' sex educator Jessica has the answers and techniques to get you well on your way to pleasure play!

In this workshop we'll discuss:

  • The anatomy of the g-spot
  • The difference between g-spot ejaculation (aka female ejaculation, aka squirting) and other fluids
  • Techniques and movements to stimulate & induce squirting
  • Choosing the right toys & accessories for your needs
  • Considerations for choosing positions – why you might want to try one vs. another
  • Breathing techniques

Whether you or your partner are new to g-spot play or just looking for some ideas to rejuvenate your solo or partnered play, this workshop will be full of fun and pleasure!

This is one of many classes by Lotus Blooms that is lecture focused. There will be plenty of tester toys to touch and time to ask questions. Jessica will be showing off products and talking everyone through the basics.

All attendees must show proof of COVID vaccination at the door. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

About Lotus Blooms:

Pleasure for Every Body.

Lotus Blooms is an adult boutique in Old Town Alexandria that fosters a comfortable, sex-positive environment through education and curated collections. We offer a wide variety size inclusive beautiful lingerie, body-safe products and fun accessories for all bodies.

An education centered shop, our whole staff are trained sex educators committed to creating a judgment free learining space. These passionate educators are committed to helping you find products that fit your body and interests and are always available to answer any questions. We encourage you to let us know what you are looking for, any body or health concerns you have, and what new ideas you would like to explore!

Attendees will get a discount code for 15% off their next visit to Lotus Blooms!

Meet Jessica VonDyke:

Jessica's passion for creating judgement free space for people to learn and grow has made her That Friend for over three decades. The one you went to when you were nervous about your first kiss, or your first sexual experience. The one you talk to about which sex toy to buy, or the partner that might not be the right match. The first one you told when you got turned on at the dentist.

Jessica is a certified life coach, sex space designer and a sex educator living in Washington DC. She stays current in her sex industry knowledge working as an educator at Lotus Blooms in Old Town Alexandria. She shares life with her partner and their two pups. She identifies as queer, curvy, pervy, polyamorous, Latina, and femme. She loves gardening, making delicious food, great cocktails and stimulating conversation.

Image credit: Instagram @thefemmebohemian