Exploring Intimacy: A Sexual Wellness Series (June 28) @ Eaton Wellness

New perspectives on intimacy, effective communication and boundary-setting, and how to nurture intimacy over time.


This workshop series is designed to help curious folks understand and cultivate intimacy in all its forms, including emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy that brings them joy and pleasure. Through interactive discussions, activities, and expert guidance, participants will have the opportunity to explore and learn with sex educator and Pleasure 2 People Founder Cindy Luquin at Eaton Wellness.


About this Series:

June 27 - Understanding Intimacy In this workshop, we will define intimacy and explore its various forms, including emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy. We will also discuss the role of sexual intimacy in relationships and the importance of open and honest communication around this aspect of a relationship. Participants will have the opportunity to share their own experiences and perspectives on intimacy, and discuss any challenges or fears they may have around creating and maintaining close connections.

June 28 - Communication and Boundaries in Intimate Relationships Good communication is key to any healthy relationship, and it's especially important when it comes to intimacy. In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of open and honest communication around sexual desires and boundaries, and how to establish and maintain these in a healthy and respectful way.

June 30 - Nurturing Intimacy over Time Intimacy takes effort to maintain and grow, and it's important to regularly check in with our partner(s) and make an effort to connect on a deeper level. In this final workshop, we will discuss ways to nurture intimacy, including sexual intimacy, over time and keep the spark alive in our relationships.


21+ only please. Please arrive on time. No refunds.

About Cindy:

Cindy Luquin (she/they) is the owner of Pleasure 2 People Consulting, a certified sex educator and trained reiki practitioner with over 10 years experience facilitating community wellness events and workshops. They are a reproductive justice advocate for LGBTQ+ migrant youth and adults. Her path to becoming a healer began as a queer child of immigrants overcoming domestic violence and religious trauma. In 2020, she earned her Masters in Latin Studies and continues dedicating their time to empowering folks in becoming the experts and healers in their own lives cultivating pleasure and joy.