Decolonizing Astrology: Rooting Out Insecurities

This event is thoughtfully designed to help you use your natal chart as a powerful tool for self-awareness, healing, and transformation.


About This Workshop:

In this insightful and empowering class, you'll be learning how to interpret your natal chart to identify areas of vulnerability and emotional pain. By understanding these aspects, you can begin to loosen your mind from inherited insecurities and develop a personalized action plan for healing and growth! This workshop emphasizes the importance of reclaiming your narrative and using astrological insights to foster resilience and self-empowerment.


What You Will Learn:

- Astrology Fundamentals: A brief overview of astrology and the significance of the natal chart in understanding your life’s blueprint.

- Identifying Insecurities and Traumas: How to locate and interpret the placements in your natal chart that indicate areas of insecurity and past trauma.

- Energetic Processing and Cycles:

Understanding how different planetary influences and cycles affect your emotional and psychological states.

- Creating an Action Plan: Practical steps to address and heal from identified insecurities and traumas using the insights gained from your natal chart.

- Integrative Techniques: Methods to integrate astrological knowledge into your daily life for continuous growth and empowerment.


Who Should Attend:

This workshop is perfect for astrology enthusiasts, individuals seeking to understand and heal from their insecurities and traumas, and anyone interested in using astrology as a tool for personal development. No prior astrological experience is necessary.


What to Bring:

- A copy of your natal chart (you can generate one for free online if you don’t have one, or follow instructions in class)

- A journal and pen for notes and reflections

- An open heart and a willingness to explore deeply personal themes



Spaces are limited to ensure an intimate and supportive environment. Reserve your spot today and take a significant step towards decolonizing your mind and healing your spirit.

Join us for this transformative workshop and learn how to harness the wisdom of astrology to uncover, understand, and heal from insecurities and traumas. We look forward to guiding you on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


This workshop will be faciliated by NNIL (Nico Pires).

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