Boundless Reiki I Immersion Certification

Boundless Reiki I Immersion Certification is a six-week program that includes five consecutive Sunday training sessions and a closing ceremony on Saturday, March 25.

  1. Sunday March 19, 11am–1pm
  2. Sunday March 26, 11am–1pm
  3. Sunday April 2, 11am–1pm
  4. Sunday April 16, 11am–1pm
  5. Sunday April 23, 11am–1pm
  6. Saturday April 30, 5–7pm (Closing Ceremony)

Reiki One, or 1st Degree, is focused especially on self-care, although you also are taught how to responsibly share Reiki with others, as well as to understand the importance of energetic boundaries and consent. Come, grow through these changes in community with other practitioners & your Reiki Master Teacher. Boundless Reiki carries on the traditional Usui lineage, with tools for 21st-century empaths and highly sensitive people.

Reiki is a holistic healing technique in which the practitioner is a conduit for Divine Source Energy, flowing into the recipient & awakening their life force, that same source energy - also called Qi, or Chi.

Some of the myriad benefits:

    • Promote harmony and balance throughout the physical and metaphysical being - body, mind, emotions and spirit
    • Reduce the harmful effect of trauma and conditioned patterning
    • Facilitate a state of deep relaxation
    • Relieve stress and help prevent stress-related disease
    • Reduce acute or chronic pain
    • Support and strengthen the immune system
    • Help the body release tension
    • Clear energy blockages and achieve homeostasis
    • Assist the body in cleansing itself from toxins
    • Clarity of thought and focus
    • Sleep aid - help relieve insomnia
    • Strengthen intuition
    • Help access deeper parts of ourselves & so much more.


Calling in the renegades, dreamers, activists, healers, trauma survivors, quiet quirky types, and drama slayers - Soothe your tired soul and empower your Self in the process! Learn to fully embody the magic that is already awaiting activation in you. Heal yourself, then you can help others heal, whether through direct action or just your presence.

Boundless Reiki I Immersion Certification* offers a hybrid option: DMV locals can join us in-person at Eaton Wellness, or folx can join us via Zoom from anywhere.

Dive in with Artis Moon. This will be a much more in-depth experience than other one-day or weekend-long trainings, so that participants have the opportunity and support to fully integrate the practice, and the shifts that come into your life.

Tuition covers all 5 training workshops, closing ceremoney, a 1-hour private with instructor Artis Moon and discounted Reiki sessions during the course. Participants will also receive a full-color manual as a study guide.


* Reiki I does not qualify anyone to practice professionally. Reiki II and/or Master Level is required to practice Reiki professionally on others.