Art As Impact: Film As A Tool For Change with Ana “Chinos” Salgado

Art As Impact: Film As A Tool For Change with Ana “Chinos” Salgado


Feb 4th (2 pm-4 pm) @ Eaton Cinema


This workshop is a journey through the different steps of Ana's own creating, writing, and imagining of narratives that highlight social movements. Through storytelling and sharing several of her films, the workshop will focus on the present reality in Mexico. Through her camera lens, Ana will also highlight the inspiring new narratives she sees from her local movements centered on respect and inclusivity.

Join us for a 2-hour interactive conversation on how film can be used as a tool for change and deepen your understanding of what changemakers are calling for across our border.

Audience: Folks interested in art, film, social impact, and current movements in Mexico



Feb 5th (2 pm-5 pm) @ Eaton Cinema


This workshop is aimed at creative filmmakers who have a documentary film in development. We will discuss finding our voice and coherence between the content and the form. We will work together on the project with each filmmaker on a possible path to find the heart of the story.

Participants: 5 or 6 directors with a creative documentary film in the development stage.



Ana “Chinos” Salgado is a Mexican visual storyteller, a professional filmmaker, and an editor. Ana has a bachelor’s degree in communication from UNAM and a creative documentary film diploma from Observatorio, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her work is focused on social issues in their hometown Mexico City and other geographies in Mexico, Latin America, and the United States. Her documentary films have been screened in film festivals, such as DOCSMX, MicGénero, and Festival MIX.



Every generation has artists who have worked to capture the world around them, documenting the current reality and seeking to encompass the people’s call for change. The “Art As Impact” Series will highlight a few of this generation’s artists, inviting you to learn about their work and teaching you tangible skills about their practice.

This series will bring in artists from around the world to connect different issues and mediums to build a deeper understanding of art as a tool to reflect the times. Each artist will host workshops on how they use their practice to capture today’s social and environmental movements.


FEBRUARY: Ana “Chinos” Salgado (Film) (Mexico City, Mexico)

MARCH: Mark Tilsen- (Poetry) (Rapid City, South Dakota)

APRIL: Alejandro Gallardo- (Photo) (Santiago, Chile)

MAY: Ọmọlará Williams McCallister- (Song/Performance Art) (Baltimore, Maryland)

JUNE: Joel Garcia- (Visual Art) (Havana, Cuba)