Another Day: Breathwork & Yoga @ Eaton Wellness

An opportunity to connect breath with movement, guided by Saving Space founder Jas.


Settle into the idea that there is Another Day to celebrate life. The practice includes thirty minutes of collective healing through breathwork and guided meditation and sixty minutes of foundational yoga accessible for all bodies and experience levels.

This experience celebrates the solar return of Jas, founder of Saving Space. A solar return is the moment which the sun returns to the same spot when a person was born. This experience will also cultivate joy for the present moment while creating community. To transform our world externally, we must first transform the physical and emotional tension internally.


About Saving Space

Saving Space is an inclusive wellness collective dedicated to providing accessible mindfulness practices including asana practices, meditation educational programs, and community building classes to marginalized communities.


About Jas:

As a holistic wellness advocate and yoga practitioner, Jas, cultivates and facilitates experiences for individuals to discover alignment within their physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Her style of teaching is founded in her experience as a Division I athlete, scientist, and educator. Her approach to finding comfort in the uncomfortable, acknowledging all learning styles and the humanity of each student promotes impactful change. Jas founded Saving Space to address the disparities and inequities within mental health for marginalized communities.