Ableton 11 Fast Start Workshop @ Eaton House

We're delighted to present our first workshop dedicated to the music presented by AREL. Join us for a journey in digital audio workstation.


Develop A Solid Foundation For Working With Live.

Ableton® Live is a powerful tool for producing music and taking your music from the studio to the stage. Learn the best way to work with it in Ableton Live Fast Start with AREL.

AREL will teach basics of mixing audio and using Live for live performance. In this class, up-and-coming producers with develop a solid foundation for working with Live. 

You’ll learn about:

• Recording/editing original or arranged music

• Sequencing techniques with MIDI

• On-board effects within Live as well as working with virtual instruments

• Creating beats with Live

• Using Ableton Live for live performance

• Time stretching

• Importing audio and adjusting time and tempo


Ableton Live Fast Start with AREL is perfect for established musicians wanting to expand their digital possibilities, or for the beginner who wants to start creating music with Live.