3024 Mentoring Program

As part of the local 3024 Mentoring Program for (electronic) musicians here in the DMV, Martyn is back with another 'Work in Progress' Session for the producers in our community. We'll be listening and discussing a handful of tracks provided by you ahead of the workshop. After each track we will have time for feedback on progress - all in order to get you motivated to finish your music.

Not a producer or not ready yet to submit music? Come anyway! It's a great way to listen to what people are making, see who is who and to pick up ideas and tips for your own music or DJ sets! Level of production is not important so don't be shy - it makes the sessions more fun if the submitted songs are in different 'stages.'

Musicians/producers can upload their songs to a dropbox, it can be anything from a rough sketch/idea of a couple minutes to a nearly finished track, l The files need to have the artist name, track title and an email address. I'll go through all submissions on the Tuesday before the session + contact the producers by email. Only people that are going to attend the session should upload here!


upload here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/Bx25tVIv3KjtHvwWTVdR