17th annual Machik Weekend


Machik Weekend is our annual gathering that convenes a diverse global community committed to a stronger and brighter future for Tibet. This year's program will take place from 10-12th November in Washington DC. Working with our passionate team of volunteers and supporters, we are pleased to bring you an array of speakers, panels, screenings, Gorshay and more.

Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is own your own; however, as a service, we will offer tasty Pan-Asian vegan box lunches for $10/ Lunch per day, at cost, with compostable containers and cutlery.  This may save you time searching for lunch spots in the area and give you more time to connect with others at Machik Weekend. Otherwise, we will offer a list of eateries in the area. 

If you are a student or jobseeker requiring special consideration in order to attend or if you have any other registration questions, please contact us at info@machik.org.