Dir. Alice Rensy & Andreas Guzman

Produced by Eaton Workshop

The following is a transcribed introduction by Chantal Wong from the ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE film festival screening.

I'm really excited to present the next film by Alice Rensy and Andreas Guzman. Alice and I have been working on projects for a number of years together. She is one of few people who work tirelessly with independent dancers and choreographers in Hong Kong. Last year at the end of 2019, we co-organized 24 hours in Movement: Pegged Legs, Hooked Hands together at Eaton.

It was a 24 hour roving exhibition of dance and song and theater across the 21 floors of Eaton HK. This is documents from that event. The documentation is captured by Andrea. So we're really pleased to have him back and editing the content with us. And Alice this time again, and I'm also really pleased that she's brought in her personal story into this new edit.

So thanks so much, Alice and Andreas for creating this beautiful film, which showcases the things that Eaton HK can do for the city.

This film is a short impressionistic record of Eaton HK’s 24 Hours Movement Festival in 2019, conceived as a homage to Hong Kong. Its original dance performances feature choreography ranging in scale from small physical gestures to a city’s collective transformation.



Alice Rensy is a producer and choreographer born in Dunkerque, France, now based in Hong Kong. As a producer of contemporary dance and performance, Alice supports the creation of dance and performance artists, with a taste for underground, risk-taking work. The German choreographer Raimund Hoghe is a major artistic reference for her practice.

In collaboration with Yang Hao, Alice creates staged solos and group pieces. She collaborated with painter Nathalie Rothkoff on two staged creations. She also performed in a site-specific creation by Manuel Pelmus, “Mouvements at an exhibition.” She currently researches dance-comedy with Yang Hao in residency at Hong Kong University and curates a yearly dance and performance program at Eaton Workshop Hong Kong.


View the corresponding conversation between Alice Rensy and Chantal Wong here


08 Dec 2020


08 Dec 2020