Deep Flight


Dir. Natalie Lo Lai Lai

The following is a transcribed introduction by Chantal Wong from the ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE film festival screening.

I'm very pleased to introduce Natalie Lo Lai Lai’s film. We commissioned this film from her in early January of 2019, again for Tomorrow, Maybe in our gallery at Eaton HK on the fourth floor.

Natalie is on one hand, a visual artist as she makes installations, video installations. On the other hand, she's also part of an important farming collective in Hong Kong. They were set up in early 2010s, 2012, as a response to the development of a railway which threatened agriculture as a way of life in Hong Kong.

So one will see in her video works that she connects agriculture and plants and natural environments with a lot of her work. And she's trying to understand how to communicate with them. And how do we… how can we learn from the natural evolution and organic developments of plant and organisms. So please enjoy the next video.


She became a Deep Flight in the natural environment, never saying no, delivering diverse kinds of matter and happening, including desires.



Natalie Lo Lai Lai was born in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Faculty of Art in The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Japanese Studies in 2006. She received her Master of Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017.

Lai Lai is a former travel journalist. She is interested in the development and the construction of nature. She is a learner at the collective organic farm Sangwoodgoon (Hong Kong) where she also explores the lifestyle of “Half-Farming, Half-X”, a practice that seeks alternatives and autonomy for artists and Hong Kongers. Lai Lai founded the Slow-so TV channel, with a focus on food, farming, fermentation, slow-driving, surveillance, and meditation. Her artworks are mostly moving images, photography, mixed media and installation. Her work is collected by the Sigg Collection.


View the corresponding conversation between Natalie Lo Lai Lai and Chantal Wong here


08 Dec 2020


08 Dec 2020