'Ways of Water' Earth Month Program | Freshwater Organisms Art Workshop

The workshop will introduce the ecosystem of local freshwater wetland and the conservation of insects inhabited in the wetland. The participants will be able to view rare specimens of different freshwater insects preserved by Dr Ken So, an educator and researcher of ecology and biodiversity in Hong Kong. Also, local illustrator waterbeargulu will instruct the participants to depict the form and details of the insects into zoological illustration.


WAYS OF WATER Earth Month Programming

The story of Hong Kong begins with water. The significance of water to the city is inherent in its etymology, i.e. Fragrant Harbor, and while Hong Kong is no longer a humble fishing village, water remains a defining characteristic of the high-density metropolitan city. Water surrounds us, separates us, seeps through us all at once, playing a fundamental and indispensable role in our daily lives.


For Earth Month this year, we’ll shift our focus towards our city’s waterways, both obvious and obscure, that not only buoy our sustenance, but also dictate or inform the ways we navigate space and leisure. We’ll take a deeper look at the flora and fauna—which include ourselves—that face threats in these aquatic ecosystems, and learn to appreciate their relationships with each other. 

From the very real, prevalent existential hazards and threats to coral reefs, to the mythological phenomena and cultural traditions that have been passed on from generation to generation, Ways of Water aims to dive into the complex histories and sciences of our oceans, as we learn more about local fishing communities, pearl conservation, and freshwater wetlands through a series of screenings, workshops, installations, exhibitions , performances and more.