Three Star Books: The Artist is Everything

The conference will kick off with a Talk titled "At Three Star Books, the Artist is Everything." Three Star Books is a publishing house that specializes in artist's books. The session will explore how the definition of the page or book is constantly evolving and how the term "artist book" is interpreted loosely as the final product often exceeds the physical and conceptual parameters of publishing. Three Star Books will present a full spectrum of possibilities to the artist and offer their know-how to create a book as close as possible to the artist's original vision.

Raffaella della Olga, italian artist with whom we published an artist’s book (Line up) will be present to talk about her experience with Three Star Books and developp about her practice.

Mélanie Scarciglia, born in Paris in 1979, studied Art history and History of Cinema at University Paris-Sorbonne, earning her Master's degree in 2002. She is the co-founder of both onestar press (2000/2019) and Three Star Books (2007), and oversees publishing and sales.

Christophe Boutin, born in Paris in 1957, co-founded the punk band "Edith Nylon" in 1977 and recorded three albums through 1983. Afterward, he transitioned into the visual arts, exhibiting his works in numerous galleries and institutions. Since the inauguration of onestar press (2000/2119) and Three Star Books (2007), he has conducted numerous workshops and conferences focusing on artist's books in art schools and institutions.