THEN / NOW: Exhibition Part 2

Eaton HK proudly presents THEN / NOW - an exhibition by Hong Kong photographer Kary Kwok and record release by British rave producer James "The Magus Project" Banbury, the events will revisit and revive the '90s, a beautiful time of self-expression, late night dancing and DIY fashion. 

THEN / NOW  features 25 photos shot on 35mm at 1995's Alternative Miss World Competition in London where Kary puts the audience in the subject and looks at how they use "outfits' ' as a form of unique expression. In addition, installations and documentaries delve into the audio-visual THEN / NOW project that takes form as an 8-track vinyl record released on independent Hong Kong label Silk Road Sounds. The vinyl features original productions revived from James Banbury's 1992 techno/breaks moniker, alongside remixes from West London brokenbeat producer Wheelup, Hong Kong experimental producer ASJ, Berlin’s Knox-Om-Pax, and acid/jungle specialist Rec Mirage.

The audio-visual partnership by both Kary and James highlights the nocturnal and nostalgic energy of the yesteryears, especially in parties at the likes of Kinky Gerlinky, Taboo, The Wag Club, Heaven, and The Brain. 

The project explores how music, art and fashion can be imaginative tools to address political and social issues under the then Margaret Thatcher regime - a time when fantasy, love and clubbing provided escapism to the throbbing underlying social issues that Britain was facing.

Kary’s photos will be on display from 26th January to 1 February at Tomorrow Maybe in its entirety. Attendees are invited on the opening evening to partake in scribbling and writing over the images, merging the past with the present in continuation of club culture’s DIY fashion. Segments of the newly graffitied images will then be cut out, re-framed and displayed in the Foodhall as part two of the THEN / NOW exhibition display from 3 February to 19 February.