GROUNDING exhibition

Tomorrow Maybe at Eaton HK will host a collaborative exhibition with Sample Magazine and Lettercult from 10 December 2022 until 15 January 2023.

The multimedia exhibition is based on the contents of SAMPLE’s ISSUE 27 “E pur si muove” and ISSUE 28 “Terra Forma”. Artists Lazarus Chan Long Fung, Winnie Yan Wai Yin, Wong Winsome Dumalagan, and Tang Kwong San have been commissioned to create new artworks under the theme of GROUNDING.

Following a geology visit to Hong Kong’s Port the artists considered the ground and the Earth as a whole, using the experience to explore their thought processes before and after an imaginary landing on an alien planet, and make the initial experience of encountering a new land tangible again. Located in the North of Tap Mun, Port Island is a ‘red island’ with a distinctive landscape filled with reddish-brown conglomerate and siltstone. The four artists collected rocks and sands from the uninhabited island, observing history through the warping and cracking of rock strata to imagine the transformation of the land. The show’s themes consider the project of starting a new life on an exotic planet.