Minna-no-Kimochi (Japan) (Live)

Tokyo-based rave crew みんなのきもち (Minna-no-kimochi) will be taking us on a transformative environmental trance experience at the Terrible Baby Music Room on the first weekend of May!
With its roots in experimental music and ambient music, ‘Minna-no-kimochi’ has established a new style by deconstructing 90s trance music and 2010s EDM with a post-club interpretation. Known for holding raves at outdoor coastline venues, abandoned buildings, warehouses (as seen in their recent viral Boiler Room set) in and around Tokyo since 2021, they will be light up the Terrible Baby Music Room with their electrifying, high-energy set with the local support of DJ Ho Yuet Dong and others. 
Secure your tickets now and get ready for another unforgettable night at Terrible Baby.