FLUID Hong Kong presents: Twerking Workshop and Sharing

FLUID Hong Kong is a newly registered charity that works to challenge the social norms associated with body, gender and sexual orientation. On December 17 from 1-3pm, FLUID will host a Twerking 101 workshop to stir up a conversation about the stigmas surrounding this highly controversial dance.

While modern society views twerking as a “nasty” dance that objectifies and sexualises women, many twerkers actually argue that twerking is an empowerment and a healing process for them. FLUID would like introduce the art of twerking to anyone who is interested in learning this popular dance by unleashing their bodies to explore their own identities and deepen the interaction between the bodies and emotions.

Come join us for a fun afternoon of butt shaking!
All levels welcome. No prior dance experience needed. Wear comfortable clothing!