Delivered, Not Read - Solo Performance by Sonia Wong

Date: 19.02.2023

Time: 11am - 11pm

(30 mins per session, each session admits 1 person only)

Venue: Artist Suite, 5/f Eaton HK

Language: English


If all you’ll ever hear from me are the words I’ve already written to you, this time, will you reply?

If a hotel room is a place of temporary connections, a liminal space of exchange, and a container of stories, what will you bring in?

If in this lifetime you can only have 20 minutes with me, how will you spend it?

A new solo performance by Sonia Wong, a 12-hour cyclical journey through a body of letters written to a lover over the course of a relationship. An one-on-one encounter in a hotel room. An immersive experience in a world of intimate vulneralbilities.

Will you be present?