Asar! Together We Build: Central Asian Cultural Festival

On 29 and 30 April 2023, CHAT will host Asar! Together We Build: Central Asian Cultural Festival  in response to the current exhibition Clouds, Power and Ornament – Roving Central Asia  with guest curator Anvar Musrepov from Almaty and a line-up of curators and artists from Central Asia to engage in a series of film screening, sharing and performance. Borrowing from the concept of asar , which means ‘collective power’ in the Kazakh language, this festival focuses on the power of community in contemporary Central Asian culture. Arts and cultural practitioners from the region will explore the development and potential of Central Asian arts and culture through the diverse lenses of urban cultural studies, art residency, interdisciplinary collaboration, art market, collective filmmaking and techno queer community. They will also have conversations with local arts and cultural talents, and in so doing, build a stronger social network.