“Untitled 2.0” Work-in-progress Presentation & Post-talk

During his three week of residency, Albert GARCIA is going to develop the first stage of his lecture performance Untitled 2.0 and present it as work-in-progress mixing live performance, lecture and a video work based on an action script to create fictional situations in the midst of true stories. This work attempts to create a hybrid form of performance from the idea of performing citizenship.

“ Untitled 2.0 “ is a survival guide which aims to question society’s relationship to the collective, and the status of the individual. It also seeks to critically probe the standards at the base of the anthropization process and the design of our built environment and habitats. By rethinking how we envision the human habitat and with it, the forms of social relationships that spatial organization generates. A project to educate myself and others who faces everyday threat, and prepare whatever holds the future. Share the durable body under all circumstances of the current status quo.


Our entire precarious life is submitted to this one imperative: competition. All of our collective energies are enlisted to one goal: to maintain against all others in order to survive. By experimenting with the performance rules of survival, through interviews, action drafts, special body techniques, the code, constructing a scene beyond reality.


After the presentation, Emilie CHOI, who is a moving image researcher and curator, will moderate the post-talk talk with Albert GARCIA to unfold the process of making the work as well as the context behind and its cultural implications.

This is part of Artists-in-Residence program in collaboration with Unlock Dancing Plaza.