Walk's Going On Festival Opening Sharing by Chloe Chow and Leung Kai Chi

Home and city are connected by daily walks. The highly concentrated grid of public housing houses 30% of Hong Kong's population and is the memory of home for many friends since childhood. The opening dialogue of the "Nostalgic Walking Festival" invited Leung Kai-chi, the author of "Hong Kong Public Housing", and Chow Lai-shan, WMA's exhibition and event director, to talk with us about the intricate relationship between the city's solid-shell public housing buildings and the emotional space of home. Even if you take a walk from home and go home differently, you will see a familiar and safe urban landscape with every step you take.

Speakers: Chloe Chow (Head of Exhibitions and Programmes, WMA), Leung Kai Chi (PhD in Geography, University of Minnesota, author, commentator)